NIST Net Logos

A project isn't really a project without a logo, is it? Unfortunately, in the case of NIST Net, I generated the original logo (in a fairly small size) on a machine which has since died, using software I can't get to work any more.

Fortunately, I've been able to mostly reconstruct it. Picky people may notice the versions here aren't quite identical, since the color gradient came out a little different and the spacing is slightly off. But since it's my logo, I can just declare the new version to be the "official" one, anyway, can't I?

If I get a chance (and can get a working Type 1 version of the "Van Grounded BT" font), I'll make a scalable EPS version of the logo, but in the meantime, here are JPEG and GIF versions at various sizes.

JPEG versions

The JPEG versions are on a black background:

GIF versions

The GIF versions are on a transparent background, suitable for use on web pages:

Background GIF versions

The background used here (nistnet.26.back.gif) is just an embossed, 26+-degree-rotated version of the 150x27 logo. (It's actually rotated arctan(.5) degrees, of course.) The NIST "standard" seems to be a 20-degree rotation (see the logo at the top), but for a background, that makes too big a repeat size. Here are a few variations on the background:
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